Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy New Year with Alpha Mizaaj | AMI

New Year Blast

Our network of 1000,00 distributors and franchise offices located now in Pakistan in strategic areas have contributed to the high brand image that we enjoy. In tune without our focus on broadening our market reach through alternative channels such as the internet, we aim to build upon this core strength.

Continuous Research:

We are constantly undertaking to find out new natural cures for various human illnesses and conditions. The scientists involved in the research have cutting edge research skills .This combined with our high quality analysis equipment, help in giving us a competitive edge in finding new solutions. The philosophy of continuous research has paid off handsomely.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to develop and create top quality products and brands in constant evolution that satisfies the needs of end-consumers,
working as a team with distributors who one day hold the whole world. In order to uphold this mission our most important values are, to be creative and innovative, to aim for product excellence, and to create and build strong brands.
This mission has proven successful for Alpha Mizaaj International, Pakistan and has also appealed to markets world-wide.

Alpha Mizaaj International, Pakistan

Monday, 9 January 2012

introduction of alpha mizaj international

*The Great Opportunity of the Great Company*
* Great Plans of Alpha Mizaaj International (AMI)*
Company Official Website

 Aik Aisi Company jo pori zindagi me 1 baar Pakistani 750 Rupee dy K Product Lain Plan
Pori Zindagi 1/1 Ka.

1st Time 1/1 Pay Rs: 250/- Rupee. 

Next Every Time 1/1 pay  100/- Rupee. 
Estimated Earning Per Day: Rs:4000/- & Monthly 1,20,000. 

More Information: 
Muhammad Waqas
Cell No: 00923215188424
Skype ID: jobs_of_internet
Email ID:
Yahoo Messenger: